Frequently Asked Questions of East River Mini Storage

Does East River Mini Storage provide a lock for the storage space?
Yes, we provide every customer a cylinder lock to use while renting. We also encourage customers to purchase a pad lock. Two locks offer twice the protection.

Does anyone else have a key?
Yes, we have a master set of keys for all the locks we provide. However, if you put a pad lock on as well we will not have access to your unit.

When is my payment due?
All payments must be made by the first of the month. If the payment is made after the first a late charge will be charged to your account.

Am I renting month-to-month or a lease?
Both options are available.

Are there any discounts available?
Yes, we offer 10% off to all annual leases.

What are the access hours?
6AM - 10PM Access through a secured gate.

What are the office hours?
We do not have standard office hours. We meet by appointment only.

Do you have outdoor storage?

What are the payment options?
Cash, Check, Paypal, Visa, Master Card